Day 4 at The Unit, Exeter

Another highly successful day working at The Bike Shed Theatre’s Unit Space in Exeter. Today we recapped the work we began yesterday and completed two full runs of the piece, ironing out any sections which weren’t as clear as they could be. This included working on the Emperor’s New Clothes song which we developed yesterday. This is another fun, upbeat song which we feel will appeal to our target audience especially. We finished the day performing to Chloe Whipple from the Bike Shed Theatre. It’s been so useful to have feedback throughout the process as we’ve been able to constantly clarify and improve our work. Chloe gave us some really useful and specific notes which we will work on tomorrow morning before our showing at 2.30pm.

Here are some of the pictures from last week’s development up in Suffolk on the Worboys Productions theatre Farm Retreat- we hope you’re enjoying reading about our process and we look forward to updating you on our showing tomorrow evening!