Deep in the woods on the big oak tree, lives a little squirrel with big ideas. This is Silly Squirrel. Silly Squirrel has never left the tree but longs to explore! So, before the other squirrels are awake, Silly Squirrel conducts a plan, to go on their biggest adventure yet! I wonder who they will meet and what they will find out along the way? 
Pull up a picnic blanket and join Above Bounds for this playful new story, written in 2020 for the Summer Reading Challenge and now created into a show for 2021-2022, with puppets, gentle interaction and lots of laughs! This is the perfect introduction to theatre for ages 0-7.
Vicki with the Squirrel
Above Bounds Theatre have created a brand-new ‘pop-up’ show for under 7s and their families to enjoy together this summer. The Silly Squirrel can pop-up in virtually any space, inside or outside. Our story emerges from a picnic basket, which has been turned into a mini-puppet theatre. Watch as our little friend explores beyond the oak tree and discovers just what they can do!
The story was first commissioned by Libraries Unlimited for the Summer Reading Challenge 2020 and was created into a film. Moving back into theatre, but taking a safe approach, we have created this piece as part of the Plymouth Cultural Investment Fund, with support from the Barbican Theatre Plymouth.
A poster for Silly Squirrel Vicki with a surprised expression holding Silly SquirrelSilly Squirrel at the Harbourside