We are a children's theatre company based in Plymouth, Devon, making exciting shows for children under 11 & their families. We make theatre for young people, with young people, telling big stories and small stories in fun, playful and visually innovative ways. 

We believe theatre is for everyone and make events which are affordable, accessible and easy for our audiences to get to. We take our magical kids shows to theatres, community centres, libraries, art galleries, museums and more! Magical moments can happen anywhere, and we like to surprise and mesmerise audiences with our giant puppets, popping up on streets, parks & festivals near you. We perform all across the UK, not just in the beautiful county of Devon and our online events reach families across the Globe.

You can be part of the journey too, by taking part in one of our workshops, events or online stories. 

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We look forward to welcoming you along. 

Our show, The Silly Squirrel, has toured across the South West, from Camberley to Bristol, Havant to Plymouth! We were awarded the Best of Children & Families Award 2022 at FUSE International. The show can pop up in virtually any space, from libraries, to parks to shopping centres. If you'd like to book the show, get in touch!

A small squirrel puppet with a fluffy tail
Deep in the woods on the big oak tree, lives a little squirrel with big ideas. This is Silly Squirrel. Silly Squirrel has never left the tree but longs to explore! So, before the other squirrels are awake, Silly Squirrel conducts a plan, to go on their biggest adventure yet! I wonder who they will meet and what they will find out along the way?
Pull up a picnic blanket and join Above Bounds for this playful new story, written in 2020 for the Summer Reading Challenge and now created into a show with puppets, gentle interaction and lots of laughs!

Best of Children and Families 2022 at the FUSE International Festival 2022

Family Arts Standards with Family and Childcare Trust

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“The Ugly Duckling is a family favourite and Above Bounds wound it into a beautiful, thoughtful production exploring the ideas of perception, identity and body image."
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