Giant Puppet Walkabouts

Magical moments can happen ANYWHERE and we like to surprise and mesmerise with pop-up theatre happening in parks, streets, carnivals and shopping centres.
Since 2018, we've collaborate with PoCo Creations to bring puppet moments to unexpected spaces across the South West. 
“Come and watch, but please keep at least 2 meters distance both from the bear and others (polar bears are unpredictable creatures after all).”

The Polar Bear

Created in 2020, The Polar Bear is a life sized two person operated puppet, sure to add the ‘wow’ factor to any event. This puppet was created during COVID-19, performers lived in the same household and the puppet is big enough to be seen from a distance. The puppet accompanies the story of The Golden Penguin and popped up in neighbourhood spaces across Plymouth.


The Collosal Critter for Above & Beyond Children's Theatre Festival
We brought PoCo Creations the Collosal critter to areas around the City for the Above & Beyond Children's Theatre festival 2018. An unexpected encounter on the high street, in the library and the supermarket, our puppet performances delight young and old.


“Beneath the calm waves, on a dark and sleepy night, the fish are ready to party, loud, proud and bright! Come and join the Fishko Disco!”

The Fishko Disco

The Fishko Disco is a shoal of 3 larger-than life jazzy disco fish, straight out of the 70’s! This innovative walk-about puppet performance was created for families by PoCo Creations in collaboration with Above Bounds and walk-abouts can last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. With an opening mouth and articulating fins each fish puppet is operated and worn by a sequin clad puppeteer brandishing a bubble gun hidden inside the fish’s mouth. The fish are chaperoned by a disco dancing fisherman carrying portable speakers playing classic disco tunes, interactacting with passers by and encouraging them to join the Fishko Disco. Covered in fabric scales and finished with fibre optic fins, light-up eyes and illuminated bodies, this a really fun and colourful walkabout where audiences won’t be able to stop themselves joining in and having a boogie!
Collaboration commissioned by Illuminate Plymouth.