Off to the farm…

Since our return from Sardinia, it’s been all go for us at Above Bounds and we have some exciting announcements….

No.1 We are going to the Farm! We have been given a place on the Worboys Productions Farm Retreat 2015 in a gorgeous location in Suffolk. This is a safe place for us to develop and devise some children’s theatre under the guidance of industry professionals. We will be working on a new piece of children’s theatre entitled ‘Shadow Stories’, which we will be showcasing at the end of the retreat. George is off tomorrow to develop the script and I shall be joining him for week two next week.  You can follow our progress while we are away, George will be blogging from the Farm during week 1 and I shall blog during week 2! We cannot wait!

No.2 We are performing at the BETA evening at The House in Plymouth on Friday 28th August (This Friday!) We shall be performing an extract of Portrait with the intention of developing this into a full length production. Very excited to be performing our work in the South West.

No.3 We shall be performing Portrait at Impfest 2015 in the Hornsey Town Hall on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September. We will be performing at 4 PM each day and shall post more information on ticket sales soon.

Thank you for your support and hopefully we can see some of you at one of our performances over the next month.

Rooted Moon International Theatre Festival 2015- The Journey to Sardinia

Our journey to Sardinia started back in April. George knew that some graduates from the East 15 BA World Performance course were setting up this festival in Sardinia and asked me if I would like to produce a piece of new theatre for the occasion. This sounded exciting and was something that would really put our skills in inter-cultural theatre to the test. We spent many an hour on Skype, trying to come up with a piece of theatre that was physical and contained little or no use of the English language. Throughout this period of uncertainty, I had a strange storyline at the back of my mind, a storyline involving a corridor of portraits and a missing picture. I told George this very vague storyline and together we came up with ‘Portrait’- the idea was born.

The next step was trying to collaborate on this project with miles of the country between us, George being in Lowestoft and me being in Devon. We did most of the marketing through the fabulous internet, starting a Kickstarter campaign in May. Every day was nerve-racking, we watched the campaign and tried to spread the word as best as possible. At last, after 28 days and many generous donations, we did it, over £600 raised- we were going to Sardinia! We booked our flights and accommodation immediately and then all that was left was to create the show.

First, George came to Devon and we rehearsed where and when we could, mainly focusing on the prop and set creation. I moulded and created the pirate mask on George and he created the shadow puppets. We also in this first week managed to perform a previous show ‘Traveller’s Tales’ in a school in Devon- let’s just say it was a busy time for us both!

Week two was spent at The Seagull in Lowestoft, a fabulous community arts centre. We were so grateful to have one space to ourselves for a week and we managed to achieve so much in this time. Although we still had tonnes of props and puppets to make, we created the physical backbone behind the piece and managed to finalise most of our soundtrack. In amongst the preparation for Sardinia came an opportunity to perform at The Yard theatre in Hackney as part of Theatre Full Stop’s evening ‘Destination Eclectic’. This was the perfect opportunity for us to push ourselves and create something to show to the audience that we could get feedback on before Sardinia. Two days of rehearsal was spent prior to this evening and we were so grateful for all the support we were given by the other artists and audience on the night. One thing we took away from this evening was to re-work the ending of the piece, something we spent time on before Sardinia.

And then….we were off! On the 6th August we boarded the plane at Gatwick and flew to Sardinia where we were greeted by the lovely John-James Chandler and Char Brockes. We were taken to our apartment and the festival began! It was scorching weather, certainly not the easiest to rehearse in but luckily the festival was at night and so it was much cooler. We were so overwhelmed by the response of the audience on the first night. Although we had some parts of the piece that needed to be re-done for the purpose of performing outside and on grass, we were generally very pleased with the response and felt exciting for the next two days.

The next two days whizzed by as we spent the days developing the piece and the nights watching other artists and performing ‘Portrait’. Although we had our ups and downs, we have learnt so much about performing in a country where the audience don’t speak the same language as you. By the third evening, we decided to perform short snippets of ‘Portrait’, almost like little Commedia dell’arte lazzi. Due to the performance taking place outside and the audience walking around the park freely, this style of performance was much more successful and we managed to keep a large crowd of both adults and children for the majority of our performance. We have managed to simplify the piece, getting rid of the unnecessary and keeping the quality. Hopefully, this is something we can continue to do now we are back in the UK.

We have some more performances of ‘Portrait’ lined up over the next few weeks and we shall announce the dates shortly. George and I can only thank you all for your support during our development and we look forward to seeing you at one of our performances soon!

Portrait Preview

Hello everyone.

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign we have been busy preparing to take Portrait to Rooted Moon in Sardinia. This week will be our second week of rehearsals hosted by the lovely people at The Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft. And we have one more announcement for you! On the 23rd July we will be performing Portrait for the very first time at The Yard in London. Thanks to our friends at Theatre Full Stop, we will be sharing the bill with some other great international performers. £3 on the door.


We made it!

Yesterday we achieved 108% of our funding through Kickstarter! We are so grateful to everyone who donated and helped us spread the word. Now the preparations really begin. Outstanding rewards will be made and sent out, and we will begin rehearsals for Sardinia. We hope to announce some preview performances in the UK, so stay tuned for details. If you think you might be interested in hosting a performance of Portrait, please get in touch. Now time for a brief rest and reflection. If the sun is shinning where you are, then take a walk or read a book. That’s what we’ll be doing today.

Thanks again for all your support.

Only 9 days to go…

As I sit here in the summer sun I dream of performing our latest piece ‘Portrait’ in Sardinia at the Rooted Moon International Theatre festival this August. Since we started our Kickstarter campaign almost 3 weeks ago, we have received much support, including many retweets from friends and theatre professionals alike. (We have even been retweeted by Lyn Gardener and Tamzin Outhwaite!)

Although we’ve received much publicity so far, we still have 9 days to go and have not quite reached our target of £600. George and I would both be so grateful if you could share or like our Kickstarter campaign, or even donate (if you can) in order for our project to be a success. We are already rehearsing scenes and writing the soundtrack to the piece, including writing funding applications for some more UK performances this Autumn.

So here’s the link and hopefully, next time we post, we’ll be even closer to our goal!

Developing Portrait- Design

We’ve been busy designing the poster for our latest piece, Portrait, which we are hoping to take to the Rooted Moon festival in Sardinia this August.

Here is the poster so far:

portrait poster 4

The main elements of the poster were drawn by hand before being scanned into a computer. We really wanted the poster to show the child-like nature of the piece and for the design to have a ‘home-made’ feel to it. Because we will be touring the show abroad, we will be working with minimal props. We hope that the majority of the props will be made by us.

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared or donated to our Kickstarter. We are getting ever closer to our target now, so please do keep spreading the word.

Thanks again for your support!

Above Bounds go to Sardinia

We’ve been busy preparing out next show Portrait and composing the soundtrack. Plus all of you have been showing your support by backing out Kickstarter campaign which has already reached 50% with 19 days to go. Keep up the support! Thanks


Hello everyone!

We have some exciting news! This year, Helen and I will be developing a family show which we are hoping to take to the Rooted Moon International Theatre Festival this summer. We are currently putting together some ideas for the show and will be running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of the piece. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for updates and how you can support our journey.