A-Tissue, A-Tissue #Issue 3

Last week at Southway Library we had a really fun workshop session exploring sound and music. Along with Helen and myself, our Sound Designer Daisy Higman came along to play some of the songs she has been writing for our piece and help us explore the imaginative world of music. The children were enthralled by Daisy’s music and rather enjoyed joining in with silly sounds and actions. We also looked at making the sounds which we associate with different locations and environments, working together to create a City, a beach and a park. They particularly enjoyed playing with instruments: shakers, bells and pitched percussion tubes.
Following on from this penultimate workshop in the series, Helen & I have just spent 3 days working in The Theatre Royal Plymouth’s Lab space devising what will become ‘A Tissue, A Tissue.’ drawing on our previous training at the Little Angel Theatre from Rene Barker and Joy Haynes, we started by playing with objects and materials to see what imaginative worlds we could create using only a handful of props, some boxes and some magician’s scarves. It’s been great to go back to basics on this project and draw on everything we’ve learned over the past few years as a company.
Out of these devising days we have come up with a short sample of interactive performance to try out in Southway this week during our final workshop session with this group. After this we will spend some more time in the studio before bringing the ‘theatrical encounter’ to other libraries across Devon. During our final session we will also be accompanied by our Set designer, Chloe Benbow who is currently crafting away to make the world of our imaginations come to life.