Two more days at the Farm!

I must first apologise for the lack of a post yesterday; it can be a bit hit and miss with the signal here in rural Suffolk- but it’s perfect atmosphere for us to devise without distraction. Our musician Emily arrived yesterday and we had such a great first day working with her in the rehearsal room. Straight away, the work we had made came to life with the addition of music, especially the shadow puppetry sections. Working with her Ukele we set Emily the task of creating some songs using some of our text. The result was something we can’t wait to show you!

We managed to create scenes up until our ‘ugly’ duckling meets some wild ducks. we had a really productive day and planned the following days activities.

The format of today was similar to yesterday- we woke up and after a brief warm-up we progressed with devising the story. We developed songs from the previous day and then worked together to create new movement sequences. The scene with the wild ducks was created using a mixture of sound and puppetry and worked particularly well. We spent a great deal of time devising the part of the story where the ‘ugly’ duck meets an old lady, played by George. Emily has written a lovely little song for this section, to accompany the scenes on stage. Something George and I have developed since previously visiting the piece is how to use shadow puppetry and live action to best effect. We are still experimenting with this but have found some lovely moments with the new puppets and addition of cellophane to add colour in different moments.

We have will be finishing today with some script writing and puppet making, after a meal together of course.

Hopefully there will be more videos tomorrow!

Thanks for following our journey,

Helen x