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It’s been just over a week since our last performance at the Plymouth Fringe Festival and what a festival it was! We had a brilliant turn out for both of our performances of Travellers’ Tales (we hope you enjoyed it if you came along) and we managed to watch lots of the other artists too. George managed to see over 20 other shows- so as you can imagine, it was a rather busy week for the both of us!

We were pleased with the positive responses we received to Travellers’ Tales, that the piece captured the playful style children have when playing together and created a nostalgic atmosphere. We were pleased that these things were discussed with us,  as in our original artistic aims for Travellers’ Tales we discussed creating something that adults would enjoy just as much as children; a piece that was playful and left the audience with a smile on their face and a warm feeling. It was great to meet our audience after the shows during our ‘Meet the Characters’. This gave us the opportunity to speak directly to our target age range (3-7) and find out what sections of the piece they enjoyed the most. The puppets went down really well too and lots of children enjoyed the section where John and Sally visit India. I feel that this section is particularly enjoyable due to the supporting music, arranged by Alice Brown and written by George and I.  This scene has a slower pace to both Egypt and the Caribbean, allowing the audience to really engage with the stories we are telling and the atmosphere we are creating.

Our next stop is Barnstaple where we are performing at Fringe TheatreFest. Is there anything we are going to change before then? Well, not drastically, but we are going to have a look at introducing some comedy back into the Caribbean scene and play with the interactive elements of the performance. We are going to experiment with the characters of John and Sally and see where moments of silliness can be added back into the piece, amongst the moments of storytelling. We are also going to work on the mermaid story again and see if we can add in some bubbles, as well as another interactive moment with the audience. We have one more rehearsal day next Tuesday at TR2 in Plymouth before we head off to Barnstaple for Fringe TheatreFest, so we will keep you updated! We will also be doing some promotional 5 minute performances in Barnstaple in the lead up to our shows, so perhaps we will see you there?

Coming this week is also some SUPER EXCITING news about our next project…

Thanks for reading and check back for further updates!


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