Global stories for the small stage

We’ve been revisiting our show Travellers’ Tales which we created for outdoor performances and events last summer and are now developing to perform at The Plymouth Fringe Festival and Fringe Theatre Fest in Barnstable this summer. Adapting a show from the field and beach to the stage carries with it several responsibilities. We found that the over-arching storyline needed to be stronger and have more of a journey and that our characters (John and Sally) had to have a more rounded set of wants and desires. However, this phase of working on the show has given us greater possibilities to use sound, lights and a wider use of props. One of our developments has been to create three hand held puppets to act as the storytellers in each of the locations John and Sally visit. This new energy that the puppets bring has been a fantastic addition to work with in the rehearsal room and something I’m sure will soon become a favourite of ours.

There’s still some work to be done before the show is ready, although we will be previewing work at the Southbank Bristol Arts Trail before the final shows in June. But what is clear is that we have a show with heart and a desire to awaken (or reawaken) the imagination of our audiences. Theatre making is a labour of love and soon we can share this love with you (we can’t wait!) Keep up to date with our activities via Facebook and twitter and by signing up to our mailing list. We hope to see you in our audience soon.

Travellers’ Tales will be performed at the Plymouth Fringe Festival 2016.

The Barbican Theatre-

Tuesday 31st May at 12.30PM

Saturday 4th June at 12.00PM.

Tickets are £8 and can be purchased via

Also performing at Fringe TheatreFest, The Baptist Hall.

Thursday 23rd June (5:00pm)

Friday 24th June (4.00pm)

Saturday 25th June (2.45pm).

Tickets available from 2nd June at